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The Difference... The Earth Builders we do build differently.  Our work is custom and very individualized. We start with your wants and needs and work together to realize your vision of a perfect home.  This creative process often continues to the very last finishing touch - we allow for changes and design reviews at every stage.  You can always rest assured that our flexibility with the creative process will allow changes and upgrades to make your project everything you want it to be.



We believe in natural and environmentally friendly materials that are from the earth, produced and gathered in sustainable ways. This focus on natural materials allows us to create more harmonious and healthy environments for both our clients and the earth.



We hope to create things that are pleasing to the senses and create comfortable and welcoming spaces. We want your project to reflect your style and the things you find beautiful, and will bring our artistic skill to bear in ensuring just that.



We value the opportunity to build one-of-a-kind spaces.  We strive to "never repeat" in order to produce something individual and unique to YOUR style and that reflects your vision. 


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