We find it, and we engage and build. We are given it and we re-form it. We see it, and have visions of transformation.

We tear it out and save it; it is something for someone. Sometimes we just sit and stare at things...and wonder.


Materials are unique; each have specific uses and can be manipulated in only their specific ways.

Its finding these specifics that allow artistry, reformation, preservation and re-use.


We value materials and their use, trying to always account for their involvement instead of their disposal.

If it can be re-used or re-formed, it will be.


We love things with a long lifespan.  Metal, certain woods, earth and combined natural materials.

We seek the intuitive nature of each materials use and re-use - will it be right? will it last?


Each material has a language.  We are always learning and becoming more proficient in the dialects.