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Bio                                     Sean P. Dempsey - Owner, Craftsmen & Artist

​I have always created in some way.

As a child it was a sandbox, dirt piles and miniature grading equipment where I built elaborate roads, bridges and underpasses.  In adolescence, a sketch pad, random sheets of paper and oil paint lessons from my Grandfather. I never departed from the sketchpad, but as a young man found incredible satisfaction in the garden.  Weeding and caring for the garden became a love affair, not work, not a chore.  I found that landscapes, as in natural settings, provide sanctuary and places of momentary and lifelong healing.  Outdoor spaces become places of meditation and departure from the day’s tasks.  My journey has moved me from the sandbox, to creating spaces of enjoyment, gathering, and reflection.

My professional career has taken me many places; not only in task or trade, but also in geographic location, which has allowed me to see how people live in different parts of the world and what they value.  A descendant of (mostly) Irish heritage, I have had opportunity to visit the Homeland, travel the back roads and once spoke with an old farmer as we leaned up against an old wood rail fence.  He spoke only in his native tongue, but together we enjoyed a moment looking over rolling green hills and a flock of sheep.  He was in love with his land; I could feel it.  I bring these experiences to every moment and to every creation.

My aggregate of experience in sales, construction, technology and design has provided a "tool chest" to work from.  Finally resting on my love of creation, I navigate through the many possible projects and find elation in the attraction of a new client.  I love the process - how a project comes forward, how it develops, how it begins - how it never ends...  always enjoyed - memories made - more experiences to follow.


Material relationship is essential.  Relationship is everywhere - family, friends, lovers, community, in nature, between animals and plants, between you and the stone or the tree.  The tree may become lumber.  That lumber may have a specific quality or grain or hardness - which allows it to be used in diverse ways.  The development of this relationship, for me, is the foundation for future creativity.  What you learn from the material and how you use what you learn, will show in the end result.

Our relationship to spaces and structure are important.  I think I enjoy this the most how a space affects relationship and relationships affect the space.  Even more important are the subtleties of all - a light, a shadow, a cleft in a stone, exposed grain in wood, the feel of cool, smooth plaster on a warm day, even the sound of walking on a gravel path.

Formal training has not been my fortune.  More fortunate though, has been my experience with many great teachers - You all know who you are.  You have been much older than me, much younger.  You have been my own age.  We have been kindred spirits.  You have developed the gifts I have had sitting quiet.  We have walked through Oak chaparrals, fields of stone, slaved in intense heat and freezing cold.  We have talked for hours and sometimes sat quiet as our thoughts settled in.  You have shown me the feel of the Earth and we spoke with it together.  I love you for everything you are and for all of your lessons.

In all, I hope to continue this path.  It is who I am.  I look forward to our time in front of a pad of paper - drawing, dreaming and creating.


Sean Dempsey

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